Tu restaurante de cocina mediterránea en Madrid. Combinamos tradición y vanguardismo para que disfrute de la gastromonía en confianza

Appetisers & Starters

Special croquettes

with crispy paprika (Piece)

€ 1.90

Galician Zamburiñas

with sweet onions – provenzal gratine or grilled

€ 2.90


Crab in sea urchin grilled with tobiko

€ 4.30

Tub of Foie

Home-made marinade with armagnac and Pedro Ximénez wine

€ 15.90

Breaded Mushrooms

with ali-olí sauce

€ 6.90 (1/2 Piece) – € 11.95 (Piece)


with Albariño wine or Spicy Tomatoe

€ 11.50

Rape Cocktail and shellfish

with mango vinaigrette (to share)

€ 16.90

Galician Octopus

or crispy octopus with revolcona potatoes

€ 17.90

Seaweed with egg

prawns and fries

€ 7.90 (1/2 Piece) – € 13.90 (Piece)


Ham with pan tumaca

€ 12.90 (1/2 Piece) – € 20.95 (Piece)


Special tomato

with olive oil and sea salt

€ 7.90

Burrata cheese salad

on tomato tartare and truffle vinaigrette with honey

€ 11.90

Wood Stove Roasted Peppers with ventresca

En horno de leña con ventresca

€ 9.90

Bella Rosa Tomato

with north bonito covered with olive oil

$ 9.90

Cod Salad

lukewarmed L’abbraccio’s mode

€ 12.90

Quinoa Salad

Salmon and citrus fruits

€ 12.90

Prawn Salad

with avocado and mullet caviar

€ 11.90

Vegetables and Pasta

Courgette Carpaccio

with rucula and parmesan with basil dressing

€ 9.90

Homegrown Vegetables

grilled with arbequina and sea salt

€ 11.90

Courgette Ravioli

stuffed with prawns

€ 12.90

Bolognesa Lasagne

grilled with parmesan cheese

€ 11.90


Todas las semanas le presentamos nuestras sugerencias. Platos cuidados de cocina de autor con lo mejor de la tradición y toques modernos.

Sirloin Steaks Carpaccio Cold or Lukewarm

Sirloin Steak

with parmesan cheese slices

€ 8.90 (1/2 Piece) – € 12.95 (Piece)

Sirloin Steak

with parmesan cheese slices

€ 14.95

Sirloin Steak

with Goose foie and mushrooms

€ 14.95

Special Carpaccio


€ 14.95

with grilled courgette slices and parmesan cheese


€ 14.95

L’abbraccio’s mode

Fish and rice

Cuttlefish Hook Catched

€ 15.90

with sweet onions and tartar sauce

Seafood rice

€ 17.90

Sanxenxo`s mode

Monkfish and Prawn

€ 18.90

with risoladas potatoes and their bisquet

Tuna tartare

€ 18.90

with avocado and mullet caviar

Cod three ways

€ 19.90

grilled or bilbaina’s mode

Hake loins stuffed

€ 19.90

with smoked salmon and meuniere sauce

Supreme Hake

11.90 / 18.90

with fresh vegetables stew garnish


Iberian lizard

grilled with  mojo picón

€ 16.90

Roe deer sirloin

with figs covered with wine sauce

€ 11.00 (1/2 Piece) – € 18.95(Piece)

Special Home-made Hamburguer

with garnish

€ 13.90

Lechal lamb chops

on the grill or fried with garlic

€ 10.90 (1/2 Piece) – € 18.95 (Piece)


Steak Tartare

€ 19.90

Oxtail taurine lasagne

with crispy corn

€ 14.90

Ox sirloin

grilled with peppers 1 or foie 2

€ 20.90

Lechal lamb

Roasted in our Wood oven

€ 21.90

*Private room with video projector and wifi for meetings

*If you have food intolerance or allergies, let us know, please.

*We can prepare our food to your own taste

*Bread and snaks 2,20€. If you dont want that, let us know, please.

*Ask to the Maitre for our knife-cut Iberian Ham.

*VAT not included in our prices



Disponemos de menús para grupo adaptados a sus necesidades.
Disfrute de nuestro salón privado con Proyector de Vídeo y Conexión WIFI para sus reuniones y celebraciones. (Dos espacios con capacidad para 140 y 90 comensales).